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The Craigslist Puppy Scam

So for my first post I want to tell everyone about something that happened to me just the other day. Here’s the story behind how I got here too. For the longest time now I’ve wanted a chihuahua puppy and about a month ago I decided that I was ready and able to get one now. I have the time, money and I think I would really enjoy having a new companion. So after watching the for sale ads for a couple weeks and not finding what I want, I decided to post a ad myself, a want to buy ad. I’ve received many replies and still haven’t found what I want but one certain reply caught my eye. Its was from a guy named “tony mc” or as he signed in the email “Mark Tony Bouncer”. I’ll go ahead and post some screen shots of what he said. The first one was 2 were innocent enough. (Please click on the photo’s to see them large enough to read).

Here’s where I started to get suspicious.

These are the pictures he sent me where you can see both puppies are male. This made no sense since he had asked if I wanted a male or female implying he had both. I decided it couldn’t hurt to reply, tell this man why I am a good choice for his puppies but I had a gut feeling something didn’t ad up. Here is his next reply where it really showed that this was a scam.

You really see here how professional it sounds for one. It doesn’t sound like someone who is trying to find a home for their babies, it sounds more like a company trying to sell you something. Then as Craigslist always warns, never buy something from out of state and never send money to someone you don’t know and haven’t met with. I live in Oregon and my post was listed in Oregon, he stated he lived in Moore, OK. I highly doubt there even is a “Mark Tony Bouncer” let alone that he just happens to be moving here soon and wants to give them away here. I admit its a pretty good lie though. I decided to Google this type of scam and found a few websites with different stories but overall the same thing. Really what they want, and by they I mean the scammers, is they want you to believe you could get this amazing puppy for nothing more than the shipping cost or whatever cost they find. What happens is if you send them this money, you will never receive anything. You could end up waiting at the airport for this new little family member and it will never arrive which leaves them with your money.

Now I decided to throw him a curve ball. He had offered that I could come there to pick up the puppies so I replied that my family and I were actually going to be taking a vacation to see other family that were nearby his location and that I could pick them up then. Here was his reply to that.

Suddenly he couldn’t keep the puppies for another week and backed out of our little deal, hmm…. So that’s when I decided to start this blog in hopes that I could help others. Please don’t be fooled by this and please listen to Craigslist when they tell you to not send money to someone you don’t know and don’t buy something before meeting up and actually seeing what you would be getting. I have one more ad from CL to show, I found this post just after I had exchanged e-mails with “Mark Tony Bouncer” and felt I should show you one more type of this scam.

This scam comes in many different types, different stories, names, and lies. If you see this type of thing please mark/report it as spam in your e-mail before deleting it. I hope this post helped someone today and if anyone else has some suspicious e-mails you would like investigated or published, feel free to let me know. I would be happy to help.


Hello world!

Hello world,

I’ve decided to start this blog in hopes that it might help at least one person out there with the random things I come across. I’ve noticed scams on the internet or random stories that bother me that I would like to spread awareness of so here it goes…. And thank you for reading!

~ Katie